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Online Marketing

Online Marketing in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Wesley Chapel & Surrounding Cities

Online marketing is any one of a broad range of digital marketing efforts that build brand awareness and generate leads for businesses of all sizes.

But, what is digital marketing exactly?
Online Marketing
Digital marketing can take many forms. Options include:
  • Search Ads: Strategically targeted to match key search terms, search ads are online advertisements that appear on search engine results pages when a potential customer is searching for those key search terms. They enable you to capture new leads at the exact moment that they are searching for your products and services.
  • Display Ads: With regards to online marketing, display ads refer to ads that are visible on websites. They can be text ads, image ads, video ads, audio ads or any combination of two or more. These are especially beneficial for those who are looking to increase brand awareness on a limited advertising budget.
  • Social Media Ads: Social media ads can consist of text, images and more and are specifically developed to target key social media user data such as a user’s locations and interests. Social media ads are generally considered an extremely cost effective means of advertising to a business’s specified target market.
  • Email Marketing: As its name suggests, email marketing is accomplished by deploying relevant content, information, specials and promotions to an often pre-established database of current or potential customers. As technology has advanced, automated email marketing campaigns are now possible and allow marketers and businesses to provide custom-tailored advertising messages based on a customer’s personal preferences.
What is digital marketing then? It’s the strategic deployment of one or many of the above methods in an effort to increase brand awareness, lead generation and sales.

At S3 Media, we have been providing digital marketing services to companies throughout the greater Tampa Bay area for over decade. From web development and design services to PPC campaigns, email marketing and more, we have been the go-to online marketing company for those who want to move the needle and prove ROI.

If you live in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Wesley Chapel or the surrounding cities, contact S3 Media today for a free online marketing analysis and learn the many ways we can help you ramp up your online marketing efforts to create more consumer interest.

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