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Website Design Spotlight: Community Closing Network

Website Design Spotlight

It can be beneficial to keep a similar theme across each website design and development project that is connected to your business. Consistency between multiple websites will improve the end user's experience and create simple navigation, both of which will have an impact on how likely your desired leads will see your website.

When we embarked on the website design and development project with Community Closing Network, we determined the best course of action would be to develop the main website and utilize the bones of that main design to create the partner websites. By keeping the general design theme consistent throughout, we were able to provide consistent branding across the multiple brands.

Our team is incredibly proud of the final products we produced throughout this website design and development project. Peruse samples of the homepages from each of the five websites below.

While consistency is key, each client is unique. The methods used for each website design project will depend on a variety of factors, as well as your overall brand message.

website spotlight closing community network website spotlight closing community network website spotlight closing community network website spotlight closing community networkwebsite spotlight closing community network

Community Closing Network brings value to title agencies in many ways. Their model enables agencies to concentrate on growing sales and relationships and to focus on customer service. Community Closing Network relieves agency management from managing and handling all non-customer service aspects of their business.

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