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It comes as no surprise that most of your leads will find your website after performing a Google search. In addition, searches on mobile devices outnumbered the volume of searches conducted on desktop and laptop computers in 2017 for the first time in our history. Search engine optimization (SEO) practices are evolving with the way end-users are searching for information about products and/or services.

Previously, SEO rankings were heavily determined by specific keyword densities. Although densities are still quite important, they are only one of the 200 factors that affect every website’s SEO ranking. A Search Quality Senior Strategist from Google announced during a live Q&A that the three most important factors affecting SEO rankings are RankBrain (Google’s artificial intelligence system), content and internal links. The Senior Strategist notated that there is not order a specific order of importance for the top three factors. Other factors that impact a website’s SEO ranking include:
Search Engine Optimization
  • Age of content
  • Mobile optimization
  • Availability of contact information
  • Immediate visibility of main content on any webpage
  • Appropriate alt tags on images
  • And many more!
Search engine optimization is a practice that takes years to master. S3 Media is an SEO company that is dedicated to improving our clients’ search engine optimization rankings. Our clients can rest assured they are working with a premier SEO company that has over 50 years of combined experience and knowledge.

Our team of experts are ready and available to assist businesses in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Brandon, Lakeland and beyond with their search engine optimization strategies. We can refresh your current SEO strategy or develop an entirely new comprehensive approach that will improve your web traffic, lead conversions and so much more. S3 Media is an SEO company that also specializes in press releases, video advertising, web design, brand development, remarketing advertising and other highly sought after services. Complete our free marketing analysis today or contact us directly to discuss your business needs and goals.

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